Sybartum are all of us: my family.
A family business with more than 35 years of  experience in the world of art, furniture, design and decoration, that started with my parents risking to start a small business of their own.

Sybartum is what my parents taught us and continue to teach us every day... what my children begin to ask and my siblings help me to explain...

Since our beginnings we have characterized ourselves as direct importers. In this way we obtain our products first hand, directly from artisans where the deep knowledge of all the secrets related to wood and the procedures for its transformation is transmitted from parents to daughters and sons.

This is how we have established long, fruitful, solid and reliable relationships over the years with artisans from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India and the Philippines.

What will you find as a customer at Sybartum?

I think the most important thing you will find is the great love that we put into our work.

We strive because your happiness with the purchased product is also ours, knowing that in a certain way we are doing it well.

It is often said that the most valuable thing in a company is its human resources...

We don't think like that.
The most valuable thing about a company are its customers, since without them we could not exist.

Every day that dawns, also dawns with a new challenge: to be better at what we do. We owe it to you, our customers ...

Thanks for being here.

Romina pereyra