On the Nordic coasts there is a beautiful name for the sound of the sea when it gently caresses the beaches on summer nights: SYBARTUM.
In this way, the term SYBARTUM all overflows with poetry and it is precisely there that our ultimate philosophy lives: the return to nature, to that imperfect but majestic nature, to that complicit murmur of the sea when it sensually dialogues with the sand and pebbles of the coast, all under a sky full of stars. To the splendorous and still discreet symphony produced by the sea breeze when it glides through the lushness of the forests where the tops of the trees become stringent instruments of hypnotizing precision. And that is why our company has adopted it as the name and image of itself. And after the name our motto: made by nature (crafted by nature).

Because SYBARTUM is also that journey where we must necessarily stop along the way, ponder what has been done and correct course. Because it seems that in the day to day we have lost and continue to lose essence, moving away from our inherentness and the nature that surrounds us. Our company SYBARTUM is extremely respectful of nature, we cannot disrespect the origins to where we want to return. Perhaps the greatest reward for retracing a path is to be wiser, wiser, with infinite serenity in your eyes. Because precisely that is what traveling is: learning to see with new eyes.

We are a family business founded on the Costa del Sol, Mijas, in the province of Màlaga, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain.

All our wooden furniture comes only and exclusively from three sources:

a) Wood of legal and certified origin, product of ecologically sustainable afforestation projects, where for each tree felled the loggers are obliged to plant five more. 
b) Recycled woods obtained from disused houses, furniture or boats, where the useful life of quality wood always far exceeds any project and where it also acquires - with the passage of time - greater personality and beauty in its grain and grain. 
c) Solitary woods that nature has drifted through lakes, seas and oceans as adventurous travelers and are deposited on the coasts by chance. 
Each SYBARTUM piece of furniture is a unique piece, with a unique personality, with a single grain, with a single character, where all the nobility of wood flows with pleasure. Each piece of furniture is the product of a carefully studied but at the same time unfinished design, which hopes to materialize in the environment and context of your new home. 
It goes without saying that the enemy to overcome on a daily basis is stress. That hostile dissonance that unbalances us and affects us in a thousand ways. And the unnatural synthetic materials that end up contaminating and contaminating us in some way, are in turn a dissonance that also causes us stress although without knowing it. 
The search for an environment full of peace and harmony, that gives us tranquility and makes us feel in tune with ourselves and those we love is more important than ever today.
At SYBARTUM we combine what we call the philosophies of interior calm with interior design. In this way we merge Minimalism, Feng Shui, and Hygge so that they derive like rivers in the most Zen of design philosophies according to our criteria: the Wabi Sabi. 
Does it sound fancy? Absolutely not. It sounds motivating and stimulating and the results are extremely gratifying for our inner calm and our search for harmony. 
To summarize it as briefly as possible, we take Minimalism that in any decoration, less is always more. From the Taoist philosophy of Feng Shui we learn the subtle art of balancing spaces so that they derive for the benefit of their occupants. From the Nordic Hygge we enrich ourselves with its philosophy of neutral colors, the textures in the elements, the warmth of candle lighting, the unique use of natural components. 
The Wabi Sabi brought to the design is absolutely uplifting. The reconceptualization of aesthetics where beauty is intrinsically intertwined with imperfection: nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent, nothing is complete. Where true beauty - the one that really matters - lies in the imperfect, in the unfinished. It is a way of living and perceiving the world, it is the art of eliminating unnecessary things and leaving only the essential and where the "wounds" of objects are prized most because they carry unfathomable stories. 

To amalgamate it in the poet's beautiful and profound words: 

There is a crack in everything, this is how light enters ...


Our mission is simple, and for this reason it carries the degree of complexity that only simple things possess:

traveling through the four cardinal points to bring to our exclusive clients the best of interior design made with the best elements available in nature, where each piece has an enormous identity, character and transmits the serenity, tranquility and harmony that we deserve so much. Always respecting our environment from ecological sustainability.





 Our vision is to continue to establish ourselves in the market more and more, growing and enriching our catalog and inventory of unique and exotic furniture and accessories until we become a mandatory reference.
Always in intimate harmony with our philosophy that the true beauty of noble wood lies precisely in imperfection, in the unfinished and in the natural progression of time as metaphors for life.