Suar wood comes from a tree also called "Monkey Pod" or "Rain Tree". The scientific name of this tree is Samanea saman. The tree itself has a design consisting of a central dome that is majestic and forms a protective layer around the entire area that it covers like an umbrella.


It can grow to more than 25 meters in height. The qualities and properties of Suar wood make it one of the most versatile trees for making furniture. Suar wood is strong, durable, with a light yellow exterior and a beautiful interior color ranging from light brown to dark chocolate.


The color and the beautiful and subtle grain of the wood make the wood of the largest trees very appreciated for making large tables in one piece. The wood is usually cross-grain, which makes it highly sought after for its robustness while producing very interesting and unique designs and patterns.


It is also highly resistant to decomposition and requires only basic maintenance, to maintain its greatness and spectacularity over time.